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Is this thing on?

"The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment." ~Pema Chodron

From the five things make a post file:

- I have the most awesome rp partners in the known universe.  I have been pushed and pulled and stretched and forced to reimagine, reinvent, and craft whole cloth for back story, character motivation, mannerisms, flaws and phobias, wants, needs, desires, anxieties, passions, and myriad other things I can't even wrap my brain around.  I am so lucky to have found you guys, I can't even begin to express.  I only hope I can find the gumption to take these lessons back to my drawing board and use them to craft the most amazing stories you've ever read (and possibly go on to inspire someone else to puppet my creations, for their own edification, or possibly just gratification, whichever they need more.)

- I need to get back on the 750 words a day of orig!fic bandwagon.  I love it when the OC's get loud.  And I have another from Sea of Dust standing just off stage, I just need to coax him out into the limelight so I can see what he's all about.

- I want to start collecting red typewriters.  I may have to do this in icon form, as I do not have the physical space to collect actual red typewriters.

- I have too many art forms, but that's okay.  I am six squares away from finishing the blocks for Lizard Ridge.

- I am insane, but it's a good kind of insane.  You should visit my reality sometime.  I think you'd like it here.  If only for a short visit.

+ I may also just be operating on too little sleep and one of those little energy drinks that wrings your brain out like a wet rag.  Also, brain chemistry has not received the benefit of Omega 3 supplements in over a month.  I bought some, I just can't find where they got put.  I should probably do this before I seriously crash and burn.  Yay screwy brain chemistry!

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