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So here's a thought.

New game post every day in [ profile] mixed_muses . Kinda like DE over in the [community profile] ways_back_room

Whaddya think?

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I think I've run away from home.

My internet home, anyway.  Tired of my little corner of fandom, bored with the characters I've been shipping for years, I decided to app some characters to [ profile] milliways_bar .  Hello completely awesome new time suck!

Anyway, for some reason I have no desire to mix this new rp stuff with my old fanfic stuff.  Also, I think I kinda want this whole new shiny thing all to myself.  And yes, there's a part of me that knows old fandom friends would mock me mercilessly and give me shit for rp'ing in a completely different fandom.

So ptui on that.

Mostly it's that I want the shiny to myself, because I am greedy and selfish.  Yis.

Okay, I've run away from home, I've got my little sack on a stick, my iPod filled with new tunes, and an incessant itch to play in new sand boxes.  I'm not sure I want to bring Fi ([ profile] justcallmefee ) into [ profile] mixed_muses , because that would feel absolutely stalkerish.  Hell I feel kinda stalkerish anyway. (Yay shiny new friends!)   So who can I play with?

Gilbert and Sherman would be fun.  Hardington, maybe, though he is more of a cipher to me.  Alexi & Gabriel would be interesting but probably get out of hand really quickly.  Cricklewood isn't all mine. 

I think perhaps [ profile] olyabird .  ~ponders~
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A proving ground for characters and ideas. 

Made for the pan-fandom rpg [ profile] mixed_muses .


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