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Jury Duty

So, um...  I hung a jury today.  Yeah... Eleven not guilty, one guilty.  That was me. 

Because* when you call three separate people and tell them you are going to kill someone, I don't think it falls under the category of "venting".

*This is a vast oversimplification of the facts of the case. The defendant is seeking anger management, if he can afford it through his insurance.  (And because he is a veteran, I made the specific recommendation to his attorney that they put him in touch with the VA, because they have services specifically tailored to his needs.)

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Miss you, hun. Sorry 'bout the jury duty, that's never fun. :(

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You do what you think is right, never mind the other eleven. That's why they have that many jurors.
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Sounds like you had an interesting week, at any rate. And not many people can actually say that they hung a jury. That makes you special!
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That's kind of impressive. Here's hoping that everyone involved winds up coming out of this for the better, which is about all you can hope for with a case like that.
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Veronica would be proud!

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So that's where you've been. = D

I have to say based on what you've said I'd have voted the same way and props to you for sticking to your conscience.