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Depression lies

I've wanted to write about it for a long time, but the words just won't come. Hence, a link.

Art helps. Family drama makes it worse. Watching a community you used to participate in, like someone in the nosebleed seats, well... It actually helps, to know that the story goes on. I miss you all.

Let's hope the New Year holds great things.

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Sorry to hear things are hard for you. I have missed you and even if it's not great news it's good to see you.
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Hey, sweets. ♥

I've been thinking about you quite a bit these past few months, and that's the truth -- wondering how you are, how the family situation is shaking out, and if you're okay.

I'm sorry I haven't picked up the phone to shoot you a text or give you a ring-a-ding, or punted an e-mail your way; I've been more than a little bit fog-brained, but that's still no excuse for failing a friend.

Know you're missed, and know you're loved.

And here's to a kick-ass new year.

(Also, I adore you for linking the Blogess. The post about the honey badger and the cobra puts me in stitches every time.)

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Hadn't seen you for a while. Welcome back and hang in there. It can get better <3

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Sorry things have been so rough for you, I missed hearing from you and playing with you. I know it's not good news to hear about you having had so much drama from your family...I really hope you get to join up with the community again soon!

(also the plush bug was probably the most comforting icon I've got)
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Hey, you, been worried. So it's good to hear from you, even if things are still stressful *hugs so much*
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*hugs* I'm sorry things have been hard and glad you have ways to take care of yourself. You're missed.