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I've wanted to write about it for a long time, but the words just won't come. Hence, a link.

Art helps. Family drama makes it worse. Watching a community you used to participate in, like someone in the nosebleed seats, well... It actually helps, to know that the story goes on. I miss you all.

Let's hope the New Year holds great things.
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Gif spam ahead

A tale of woe as yet resolved told by animated kittens )So if you have awesome gifs (related or otherwise) or awesome links or awesome news, please tell me what's going right in your life.  This is really starting to do my head in.  
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[tappita tappita tappita]  Dear Diary,

Today it is hot.  Much hotter than it has been all summer long.  So hot in fact, that it's too hot.   I did clean the kitchen, but I was wiping sweat out of my eyes the whole time.  We don't have AC here, because we only need it a few weeks a year, but man, I sure miss it today.

The cats seem to think there's a mouse in the lower cabinets.  Callie even tried to crawl in there while I was standing right there.  One of today's projects is to make a humane trap, but they've multiplied so fast over the last few weeks, I think we may have to put down real traps soon.  Diary, I am not happy about this, but I don't want mice in my wool stash, so...

I have re-tidied the kitchen after a week of little or no care, because we were both down with the ick.  Wolf had a diagnosis of 'Acute Respiratory Infection' and got antibiotics.  I kept ahead of mine with Vitamin C and kitchen witchery: heavily spiced honey vodka tea.  Hey, don't knock it.  It works.  I'm feeling much more human today, and should probably think about lunch here in a few.

I hennaed my hair this morning, first time in over a year, and I forgot how much I like it this colour. 

And I've prepped another etching tank, this one with a sealable lid, so that the solution shouldn't evaporate as quickly (yay, salt crystals).  Unfortunately, it means I have to prep another anode as well, and while I've scrubbed some inferior plates clean, my hands are all dried out and cranky from the acetone now.  I have Gold Bond intensive care lotion upstairs, but it's like -- a gazillion degrees up there.  Yes, first world problems.

And I spent most of last night hashing out the alchemical characters I want to use for my 'rune' set.  Now I just have to write up a little pamphlet on the Great Work as a divination tool, and figure out if I want to include a throwing cloth to go with.  Also, I have to chop up some copper bar stock for the 'runes' themselves (got to figure out something else to call them), and then dig out the tumbler.   Dunno how this is gonna work, but that's what test pieces are for, yes?  Also, I have easels to bend for the plates I've already etched, and I need to experiment with a torch to see what kind of patina I can get, but with the heat today?  That can wait a few weeks.

We heard from the bank that the merry go round is still going on the house.  And my federal unemployment benefits haven't kicked in yet, but I think (I hope) I have enough in savings to cover in the gap.  (This is not counting the ungodly amount that's in there from where I emptied out my IRA as a down payment on the house.  That is not for touching, alas.)

And that's all I can think of for now, Diary.  The cats are well.  My mom is doing well, having seen her doctor post-op, and having dealt with some minor complications.  She's home and as happy as -- well, as happy as anyone who is so bent on being miserable can be. 

I think lunch is in order, as my brain just ran out of words.  Until the next time.


Jul. 22nd, 2010 01:19 am
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I need more Tom Robbins in my life.  Like --- yesterday.

Tell me something awesome?
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'Twas brillig and the slithy tove, did gyre and gimble in the wabe.
All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe.
~ CS Lewis, Jabberwocky

I am full of gibberish of late, and it's not the highly polished kind that makes the literati sigh.

My sleep schedule is messed up.  Either I'm getting too much on the weekends, or too little during the week.  I can't seem to hold a coherent thought in my head for longer than it takes to order at Starbucks.  I'm wading through my days, wondering if they're going to renew my contract at work, and deeply unmotivated to either a) start looking for a new position or b) figure out a way to make them want to keep me here.  I have had enough of corporate bullshit shenanigans.  And office politics are so not my style.

Politics in general are not my style.  I cringe from drama.  It makes me miserable.  Physically miserable.  Which is probably why I'm not going to be the happiest squirrel in the forest for another month or so.

Aaaaand I need to wrap up Gothic Winter Tale.  I should post about that again.  Grr.  After I finish this stupid training.  (Yes, they haven't renewed my contract and they're assigning me training.  My life of wtf, let me show you it.)

Tell me something fun?  Rec a film or show?  Leave me prompts?  Something?  Anything?  Bueller?
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+ So here I am, doing a "Five Things Make A Post", by way of explanation for Write.  I don't think they have to be meaningful things, as I have been known to count 'the weather' or 'my current favourite drink at Starbucks' among the points, but I refuse to blog about my laundry.  Unless there's an interesting plumbing debaucle that you absolutely must hear about, involving a broken main, six hot firefighters, and a leather fanny pack holding the diamonds from a long lost heist.  Then you might hear about my laundry.

+ OMG Gothic Winter Tale.  No, really, need to attack that list again, get some of these threads moving.  I should really finish it before, y'know, SPRING.

+ This looks like a very interesting meme. 30 days of meme.  I'm not sure it would survive my attention spa--oooshiny.

+ Work is picking up.  Which is odd -- seeing as my contract is technically up 2/28.  I have expressed to them that if this is the workload they need for me to carry, then they'd best get their paperwork in line before I go find another job.

+ I think maybe I could do 30 days of Scenes, slice of life, vignette, descriptive, what have you, for my Sea of Dust setting.  That would be a nice challenge.

+ I skipped dance class yesterday because I had the day off and it was raining and srsly, I'm not feeling guilty about it.  I'm NOT.

++ Bonus Things 1 & 2: Honey dates are nomalicious. And The Reckoning (with Willem Dafoe & Paul Bettany) was a damned good way to spend  rainy afternoon..
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Holiday Love Meme. :3

Okay I can do this. Five things make a post.

+ New headvoice and A Gothic Winter Tale plot is making me happy. I'm realising just how two dimensional the character was in canon, and he's taking on new and fascinating dimensions with every passing day. (Many thanks to [ profile] mercuriazs for giving up her OC Matt to that meat grinder.) He also makes me want to dig out all the Golden Dawn/Ceremonial Magic stuffs I have on my bookcase. I love making a pot of strong tea and wallowing in alchemical texts. It's sooooo esoteric.

+ I have done absolutely no xmas shopping. None whatsoever. I am xmas!Fail this year. I'm kinda freaking out about money, and having 1/3 less of a paycheck for all of December, and no one has mentioned to me whether I have a job passed 1/18, and yeah. Maybe I will buy you all a goat. Would you like that? Or a llama? Maybe I'll go wild and buy a water buffalo. That sounds awesome.

+ My skin is inexplicably clearing up. Peri-menopause, like puberty, in reverse. Might also explain the insomnia and the general sense of malaise. (I used to think malaise was a stronger version of mayonaise. Maybe made with mustard or something. /random)

+ I need both a new phone and a new laptop. Trackball on the Blackberry is dying a slow death. Video card on the laptop is as well. Did I mention I'm freaking out about spending any money right now? I would go insane without both phone and laptop. I mean, seriously, in-fucking-sane.

+ Soy chai lattes are one of the best things ever invented by human kind. Chai in general, but soy chai lattes specifically.

Also, I still owe people prompt fic. I have not forgotten.
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It's too damn quiet in here.

I can hear myself thinking.

And that never ends well...

~digs out iPod and cranks up the gypsy punk~

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"The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment." ~Pema Chodron

From the five things make a post file:

- I have the most awesome rp partners in the known universe.  I have been pushed and pulled and stretched and forced to reimagine, reinvent, and craft whole cloth for back story, character motivation, mannerisms, flaws and phobias, wants, needs, desires, anxieties, passions, and myriad other things I can't even wrap my brain around.  I am so lucky to have found you guys, I can't even begin to express.  I only hope I can find the gumption to take these lessons back to my drawing board and use them to craft the most amazing stories you've ever read (and possibly go on to inspire someone else to puppet my creations, for their own edification, or possibly just gratification, whichever they need more.)

- I need to get back on the 750 words a day of orig!fic bandwagon.  I love it when the OC's get loud.  And I have another from Sea of Dust standing just off stage, I just need to coax him out into the limelight so I can see what he's all about.

- I want to start collecting red typewriters.  I may have to do this in icon form, as I do not have the physical space to collect actual red typewriters.

- I have too many art forms, but that's okay.  I am six squares away from finishing the blocks for Lizard Ridge.

- I am insane, but it's a good kind of insane.  You should visit my reality sometime.  I think you'd like it here.  If only for a short visit.

+ I may also just be operating on too little sleep and one of those little energy drinks that wrings your brain out like a wet rag.  Also, brain chemistry has not received the benefit of Omega 3 supplements in over a month.  I bought some, I just can't find where they got put.  I should probably do this before I seriously crash and burn.  Yay screwy brain chemistry!

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It's not that I don't love you. I'm going nuts without internet access outside of my bberry.

I can still tag, it just takes longer. ~hinthintslows~

I miss you all! ~mwah~

(I do have access at work during the day, if you're around.)
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Things I need more of in my life:

- Vintage blues recordings
- Nigerian Dwarf Goats
- Schaffenberger chocolate with nibs in.
- Style (xref: Gumption)
- Gumption (xref: Style)
- Keats (possibly)
- Things that go zap
- Sleep
- Divine inspiration
- Christoph Waltz
- Hours in a day

Things I need less of in my life:

- People who think they are clever when they're really not, they're just mean.
- People who don't read emails.
- Ego
- Stress
- Allergies
ETA: - Death

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- I have been severely lax in my quest for new tunes.  You lot are hiding all the good stuff (except for [ profile] swankyfunk .  She gets a pass because she's been making my ipod work overtime.)  I did actually purchase a collection of Over The Rhine (yes, for one song) but like a dork, I forgot to upload it to my pod.  I miss my 60GB.  8GB just doesn't hold enough variety.  (What's all this I hear about new Muse?  Is it any good?)

- I have too many unfinished writing like projects, but writing recently has been like pulling teeth.  My brain meats are just not working properly.  I need more exercise and possibly copious amounts of Vit B & Caffeine.  Maybe a chimney sweep or that roto-rooter guy.  Snake my brains out. 

- I have house guests coming for a week on Friday and I need to get some serious tidying done.  I'm really glad they're coming, and on the other hand, I hate having my routine disrupted for a week.  (But sometimes routine disruptions are good things, I keep telling myself.  Really, I'm such a god-damned hermit.

- Big party plans for October are finally coalescing.  I have a ton of costume stuff I need to work on, bits to buy, little things to make.  It's going to be an awesome party.  (All it needs to make it perfect is live music, but we're on a budget so I doubt that's going to happen.  Man, where's my gypsy peeps when I need them!?)

- My coat (far left, floor length) is going to be so FUCKING awesome.  Pale canvas coloured, and I'm doing something special with the lining.  It's going to KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES.  That with the steampunk carbine?  And HATS.  I have not ONE but TWO TOPHATS this year.  Okay, this seriously fills me with glee.  I need to find gloves now.  

+ Meme me.  Give me your favourite recent meme that you haven't seen me do, and I'll throw it out there for you.  Why? Because you're awesome.  Yes, You.  Don't be shy about it.  You know I'm right.  <3<3<3

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Okay, so I'm a HUGE dork.

And somehow managed to turn off my lj notifs.

And you never really know how much you depend on inbox notifs until you have a shitty day and you need cheering up, and you turn to your awesome flist, and you say HELP ME OBI F-LIST YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE.

AND NO ONE RESPONDS.  And you mope about it.  Because gah, I've been the queen of moping this last few days. And really, who needs it?

And then you look back on Saturday, when you posted on Thursday and you're all WTF WHY DOES THAT ENTRY HAVE SEVEN COMMENTS ON IT!?


I heart you all so very much.  Thank you.  (ROG OMG A FAIRYTALE IN GIFS!? I'M STILL CAPSLOCKING.)

PS.  LJ notifs freaking fixed, god damn it.

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I need distracting.

Head gears spinning and grinding and my neck is locking up, and tea is not helping.

Please to be sharing the shiny happy awesome hilarious or just plain weird.

Alternately, leave drabble prompts and I will try to bang some words into a coherent order.  Maybe.

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I hate pink.  I hate peppermint flavouring and I hate pink.

Yesterday I was really grateful for flat soda and saltines.  Today I am really grateful for oatmeal and mint green tea.  Mmmm tea.

I am grateful to have a job where things don't explode while I'm gone.  I'm grateful for you crazy folks for keeping me entertained.

I think I'd still rather be home weaving today. (Little hand held loom, simple weave, singles in this insanely soft wool.)

Do your pups ever take over your mp3 players and listen to what they want?  Or am I just crazy?
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Stop me before I pup again.

Also, I still blame Rog.  Because she's conveniently not here to defend herself.  :P

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First and foremost, my thoughts are with you.  I hope you're holding up.  I know how busy you are, I know all the things that have to be taken care of and above all, I know you're too busy to be online right now.  But I just want you to know your absence is felt deeply.  I miss you, my friend and I hope you're okay.  ~bumps~

And then, five things make a post:

- They laid off 100 more folks from my office on Wednesday, and my new manager called a team meeting, the first of its kind since my previous manager was converted from a full time employee to an outside contractor.  At 4pm.  On the day they laid off 100 people.  I had a minor freak out.  Turned out it was for nothing.  Oh except no one knows if I have a job come the first of July.    :|

- My cough lingers, mostly because I haven't been sleeping.  Turns out months of constant low grade stress is not healthy for a body.  Who knew?

- I bought yarn! And circular needles!  And the yarn got here but the needles haven't yet.  I will do the sock thing before the year is done if it kills me.

- I also got new Threadless shirts.  Yay $5 tshirts!  (Shelf Life x2, Odd But Cute x2, & I Can't Draw, for those of you keeping score at home. This balances out the insane full price I paid for Ode To Joy x2.  Yes, I can quit anytime I want.)

- I also got my soap order from  Mmmmm soap.  Beautiful packaging, smells fantastic, reasonable prices for boutique soap, one of those things I love, free samples. I have yet to test drive, so when I do, I'll let you know.  BPAL may have a competitor in my online shopping roster.

Bonus question:  How do you decide when to do OOMs?  Should I be doing OOMs for Olga, who I haven't tagged in with in forever?  How about Earl?  What about River's margin quotes?  Does anybody read those things?  Tell me your philosophy on OOMs.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Chest Cold

May. 24th, 2009 10:52 am
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Hit like a ton of bricks in the middle of the night last night.  Woke myself up coughing.

Applied suitable chemicals.  Read Burn Notice novel until I couldn't stay vertical anymore and then kinda sorta coughed my way back to sleep.

Have a lump of cold concrete in the top of my lungs.  Grrrreeeeeat.

No fever.  No body aches.  No oinking.  Thank gods for small favours.

Awoke to new pup being approved.  Welcome Earl ([ profile] longtonguedog ).


May. 15th, 2009 09:23 am
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Need to make art.

Messy art.

In the sunlight.

~sulks in my little grey box~


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