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You know, 99.97% of the time I think astrology is absolute and utter bullshit. And then there are days like today when I laugh out loud at how frickin' accurate it is. I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Thursday, Jul 16th, 2009 -- You crave fewer distractions today and although you may be able to manage your outer world, it's your imaginative realms that are the real challenge now. Others might not even realize how much you have going on and it's probably pointless to try to tell them. They won't understand because you have your dramas contained and well managed. Accept your complexity without attempting to change it; resisting your inner nature is an act of futility.
If the people around me could hear the mad cackling in my head, someone would be fitting me for one of those nice white huggie jackets RIGHT NOW.
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Ahahahahah. ~keyboard smash~ Will Brezny, someday I will find you and punch you in the face. And then buy you a beer.

This astrology nonsense is all bullshit anyway, right? Right? )

Fine. I'll finish writing gargantuan entry of teal dear. Apparently, it is a needful thing.


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