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Jan. 8th, 2010 04:10 pm
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Daily Entertainment from the backroom.
All our characters have little quirks that are hard to mention in a post, but are still there. Something that has large or small significance, but you'd like people to know. What's your characters' quirk?
Milliways pups

River is ALWAYS reading something.  Always.  If she doesn't have a book, she's reading the back of your newspaper.  And if she's not reading, she's asking questions.  Sometimes rude or impertinent or nosy questions.  (Her aspect is the quest for Knowledge.)

Fiona fiddles with her hair, or rolls her neck when she's restless.  She gets bored easily, and has a really difficult time pretending to be interested in you if you're boring.  If her eyes go wide and glazed, she's probably counting the ways she could kill you with what's at hand.  She also probably works out too much, if there's such a thing.  (Her aspect is Curiosity at the expense of self-preservation.  Also, to a certain extent, Destruction.)

Olga smokes.  Chain smokes, if she can.  She's not as withdrawn as some might like to think, but she does sit back and take in a person before she decides she can trust them enough to open up.  She actually has a good sense of humour, half way into a bottle of vodka.  She doesn't blink enough for a human, and she has a tendency to forget when she's staring at someone. (Her aspect is Power at the expense of sanity.)

Vert has no boundaries.  Luckily, she finds most people with a smidgen of art in their souls to be entertaining.  She'll seem to be paying attention to you talk, while her tendrils are sniffing your sleeve to see what you had for lunch, or looking through your pockets or some such rudeness. (Her aspect is Inspiration.)

Mills has a tendency to unrelenting introspection, what others might call brooding.  He is constantly considering where the next threat will come from.  He can relax, he knows how and he's done it before.  It just doesn't come naturally to him.  (His aspect is Protection.)

Abe thinks at a different pace than humans.  Some people might mistake this as sluggishness of thought, but no, he's just the type to analyse a question or a problem from seven different angles before deciding the best course of action.  He also has two sets of eyelids, which might freak some people out.  (His aspect is also Protection.  I think.  Maybe the fact that I don't have a solid aspect for him is why I'm having a hard time getting a handle on him.)

Gecko drinks.  Constantly.  Do not get between him and his martini.  Or there will be hell to pay, srsly.  (His aspect is Celebrity.)

Earl likes to eat.  He also has a tendency to ask impertinent questions.  Usually while stealing your french fries.  It's okay, he means well.  (His aspect is Redemption.)

Vlad also has boundary issues.  (Ahahahah oh boy does he ever have boundary issues.)  He also frets with the cuff of his glove or his sleeves when he's pondering something.  His manners are usually impeccable, right up until he decides he wants something from you, and then all bets are off.  (His aspect is Passion without bounds.)

MM pups:

Wednesday drinks, smokes, gambles, fights, and sails like every day is the last day.  She cheats, lies, cheats, steals, cheats, and generally has no respect for authority.  She also cheats.  Did I mention that?  She could just as easily kill you as look at you until she decides she likes you.  And after that?  Look out because she'll kill FOR you.  (Her aspect is Freedom at all costs.)

Khephera always has to be doing something with her hands.  Usually, she's spinning wool, or sometimes she does needlework (patching clothes, usually; nothing decorative).  She also prefers walking to sitting still, and being outdoors to in.  (Her aspect is a complex blend of Freedom and Leadership.)

Dillinger rolls his own smokes.  His demeanour tends to stillness, but it is the stillness of serpent coiled to strike.  When he moves, he moves with purpose, fast and sure.  He's not reckless, but he is violent.  (His aspect is another variant on Freedom, made mostly of Victory.)
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their eyes follow me
across the market square
the well only works once a day
when i come to call it

their eyes follow me
across the hard pan of the desert floor
the oases only bloom
in the days after i pass

their eyes follow me
across the dais to sit at his side
his power only blossoms
when they know i am here to save them.


i remember standing under a street lamp
my hand fumbling in my pocket for my mobile
i remember the dark lump of flesh in your fist
and the gaping hole in my chest
where it once beat.

the universe holds its breath
waiting for me to remember.
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[character] Fiona Glenanne
[character lj] [ profile] justcallmefee
[canon] Burn Notice

[muse strength] Loud. Annoyingly loud. Bored girl with bombs wandering around in my skull.

[cast strength] None. (Someone needs to app Sam, because that would be AWESOME, and I can't do Bruce Campbell to save my life.)

[current events] Breakup with Max has Fi pretty broken. I can't tell you how much this sucks with a headvoice as loud as Fi.

[future plans] ADVENTURE. Oh and tequila.

[misc.] Fi is currently playing pool with Grace Hanadarko. This makes me very happy.

[character] Dr. River Song
[character lj] [ profile] riversinger
[canon] Doctor Who

[muse strength] River is a strong, but quiet head voice. She is centred and serene, and just a joy to write.

[cast strength] Legions, but I've only met a handful.

[current events] River & Ryan([ profile] captainryan) have hit it off famously. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

[future plans]
Research, wolf snuggles, ADVENTURE.

The nature of her death/post-life existence makes this character a bit more existential than I was expecting. She also is turning out to have that open-eyed sense of wonder that I do so love about the Doctor. Steven Moffat's hand is heavy on her, and I'm trying to let that part of her shine through. (Moffat wrote the Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, with the creepy kid in the gas mask, that ends with Nine shouting, "Just this once, everybody LIVES!")

[character] Olga
[character lj] [ profile] olyabird
[canon] Night Watch / Nochnoi Dozor (Russian urban fantasy)

[muse strength] Strong, but not really vocal.

[cast strength]

[current events] Nothing, because I haven't gotten her out more.

[future plans] Would really like to plot some mayhem for her.

[misc.] I know not a lot of people know her canon, and that makes it difficult to get to know her. She's also very Russian, post-Soviet cynical, hard drinking, almost insolent, which is almost offensive to some American types. She's really self-contained. But hey, she's trying. (Right, Ben W.?)

[character] Bryan Mills
[character lj] [ profile] particularskill
[canon] Taken

[muse strength] Strong and steady. Another delightfully serene headspace to be in.

[cast strength]

[current events] Mills has offered to train Ellen ([ profile] aaaaaaaagh_sky) in hand to hand combat. He's also having a sit down with Ryan ([ profile] captainryan), seeing who can out not-speak the other. Mills also met Will Scarlet ([ profile] will_scarlett) and remembered that he once played Little John in a play.

[future plans]
No plans as yet, but Mills is loving the bar and just hanging out.

You guys killed me with his first EP, in a totally good way. I did not expect to get such a fabulous reception. My first threadzilla! THANK YOU. (Truth be told, I have kind of balked at EP'ing the next character because she's heavy lifting compared to Mills.)

[character] Vert (aka La Feé Verte)
[character lj] [ profile] justonesip
[canon] Myth and legend

[muse strength] Vert is elusive, but strong when I find her.

[cast strength]
from this particular corner of myth and legend, not many, but I'm writing connections with the ancient Greek

[current events] Hovering in the dark corners of the bar, watching you lot with great interest.

[future plans]
I think Vert would work like the Tarot Cards, because her company offers a very special opportunity for interacting characters to find their inspiration (or their madness, depending on how long someone stays).

Vert is a real challenge to write, because she's not human. The visual effects are a huge part of her personality, and y'know, how many words are there for the colour green anyway!? ~sigh~ (Also, her début in MM with Tiwa was kind of the perfect thread, and I'm afraid anything else I write with her won't begin to measure up.) Anyway, if you want to thread with her, please feel free to drop me a line.


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