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† Fiona: Fiona; childhood memories that keep us going.

She was nine when her Da first put a cricket bat in her hands. It was too big for her to grip properly, so he whittled it down and rewrapped it with waxed linen cord. He showed her how to set her feet at shoulder's width, showed her how to aim for the temple or the outside of the knee cap, but only if she had too.

When she was thirteen, he showed her how to grip the neck of a beer bottle, empty preferably. They don't break as easily. And make sure your hands are tacky, makes it easier to keep that grip. He didn't have to show her where to throw a knee or an elbow. She grew up with six brothers and learned that key information early on.

When she was fifteen, he taught her how to layer nails and broken glass into the capped pipe, how to cut the fuse and thread it through to the primer.

When she was twenty four, his ghost stood at her elbow as she held her mother, listening to Seamus tell them what happened to Claire. His voice whispered to her, telling her she knew what to do. She knew just what to do to set this to rights.


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