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Jan. 8th, 2010 04:10 pm
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Daily Entertainment from the backroom.
All our characters have little quirks that are hard to mention in a post, but are still there. Something that has large or small significance, but you'd like people to know. What's your characters' quirk?
Milliways pups

River is ALWAYS reading something.  Always.  If she doesn't have a book, she's reading the back of your newspaper.  And if she's not reading, she's asking questions.  Sometimes rude or impertinent or nosy questions.  (Her aspect is the quest for Knowledge.)

Fiona fiddles with her hair, or rolls her neck when she's restless.  She gets bored easily, and has a really difficult time pretending to be interested in you if you're boring.  If her eyes go wide and glazed, she's probably counting the ways she could kill you with what's at hand.  She also probably works out too much, if there's such a thing.  (Her aspect is Curiosity at the expense of self-preservation.  Also, to a certain extent, Destruction.)

Olga smokes.  Chain smokes, if she can.  She's not as withdrawn as some might like to think, but she does sit back and take in a person before she decides she can trust them enough to open up.  She actually has a good sense of humour, half way into a bottle of vodka.  She doesn't blink enough for a human, and she has a tendency to forget when she's staring at someone. (Her aspect is Power at the expense of sanity.)

Vert has no boundaries.  Luckily, she finds most people with a smidgen of art in their souls to be entertaining.  She'll seem to be paying attention to you talk, while her tendrils are sniffing your sleeve to see what you had for lunch, or looking through your pockets or some such rudeness. (Her aspect is Inspiration.)

Mills has a tendency to unrelenting introspection, what others might call brooding.  He is constantly considering where the next threat will come from.  He can relax, he knows how and he's done it before.  It just doesn't come naturally to him.  (His aspect is Protection.)

Abe thinks at a different pace than humans.  Some people might mistake this as sluggishness of thought, but no, he's just the type to analyse a question or a problem from seven different angles before deciding the best course of action.  He also has two sets of eyelids, which might freak some people out.  (His aspect is also Protection.  I think.  Maybe the fact that I don't have a solid aspect for him is why I'm having a hard time getting a handle on him.)

Gecko drinks.  Constantly.  Do not get between him and his martini.  Or there will be hell to pay, srsly.  (His aspect is Celebrity.)

Earl likes to eat.  He also has a tendency to ask impertinent questions.  Usually while stealing your french fries.  It's okay, he means well.  (His aspect is Redemption.)

Vlad also has boundary issues.  (Ahahahah oh boy does he ever have boundary issues.)  He also frets with the cuff of his glove or his sleeves when he's pondering something.  His manners are usually impeccable, right up until he decides he wants something from you, and then all bets are off.  (His aspect is Passion without bounds.)

MM pups:

Wednesday drinks, smokes, gambles, fights, and sails like every day is the last day.  She cheats, lies, cheats, steals, cheats, and generally has no respect for authority.  She also cheats.  Did I mention that?  She could just as easily kill you as look at you until she decides she likes you.  And after that?  Look out because she'll kill FOR you.  (Her aspect is Freedom at all costs.)

Khephera always has to be doing something with her hands.  Usually, she's spinning wool, or sometimes she does needlework (patching clothes, usually; nothing decorative).  She also prefers walking to sitting still, and being outdoors to in.  (Her aspect is a complex blend of Freedom and Leadership.)

Dillinger rolls his own smokes.  His demeanour tends to stillness, but it is the stillness of serpent coiled to strike.  When he moves, he moves with purpose, fast and sure.  He's not reckless, but he is violent.  (His aspect is another variant on Freedom, made mostly of Victory.)
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Hey, let's play match the pup to the free verse:

a little spice in your mouth
a little sweet beneath your tongue
a little madness to haunt your dreams
a little muse to call your own.

don't forget
a wing and a prayer
is just as easily
a wing and a curse.

straight razor cheek bones
heart made of glass

grey pavement under foot
splash of colour on the street
a blond head of hair makes his head turn

too tall.

back to watching the crowd
waiting for a call.

the magic is gone.
no. no it's not.
it's just in my liver now.

the thrill of the chase
is much different now.
so much better to run with
than to run after.

i love tacos.


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